The Miata is finally coming together! I have a ton of plans for the car that have not yet been put into action, but I will take a second to talk about what we have to done to the car since we bought it.

It started out as a molested 2002 Mazda Miata. The car came with all of the things you would expect out of an old car. A cracked windshield, rust, terrible paint, shotty exhaust work, and more. I seriously don't think that I could explain in words how bad it was.

The photo above should give you a rough idea. You can see the Amazon off-road fog lights, and some of the rust on the A pillar surrounding the windshield. 


Fast forward around 8 months and the car is in much better shape. We get a lot of questions about what body kit we're running along with questions about the other parts. It's a Carbon Miata RE:GT full kit that includes rear over fenders and wider front fenders. The kit is styled after the RE:Amemiya kit from none other than the FD RX7. This kit is so close to the RX7 counterpart that we have been able to use some authentic RE parts on it such as the front canards. We've also fitted some Car Shop Glow fender vents and gurney's, also made for the RX7.

Our most recent project with the car has taken the place in the rear of the car. 

A good friend of mine is refreshing his FD RX7 for the new year, and I was there to pick up some scraps. The scraps being a RE:Amemiya wing, and rear diffuser. We were very questionable as to whether or not the wing was going to be possible to fit on this car. Being that the wing stands overall were roughly 7" too wide for the Miata's tiny rear trunk lid. Our goal was to drill out the rivets on the stand mounts, and move them inward enough to properly mount it to the trunk of the Miata. Well we did just that, and without any hiccups. I currently have some much larger endplates on the way and I think that they will fit the car well! The rear diffuser was another challenge, and I'm still working to perfect the look. However, it is on the car and I'm very happy with it. Some tension rods are on the way as well to clean up the look and also add some adjustability. 

Overall the car has came a very, very long way since we first acquired it. I can't wait to continue on with this build and maybe it will even see some track time this year to test out all of the RX7 aero. I do plan on making a full length YouTube video soon enough to cover every modification we've made to the car more in depth! 

Thank you to everyone that has followed along with the build, and has supported us this far! You're all awesome.

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